Q2 2007

Susmita and Siddharth (Das) write CAAS manifesto in San Francisco.

Q4 2010

Susmita publishes “Mumbai As A Spaceship” in ‘Volume’, a Dutch independent quarterly.

Q2 2012

Barbara leads the ‘Architecture Group’ (other 3 being: Automation, Energy and Water ) at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne, Germany. Workshop theme: "Spaceship EAC". Workshop goal: Find space technologies to integrate into the EAC building to make it planet-friendly.

Q4 2012

Barbara delivers ‘SpaceShipCity’ lecture and pilots a seminar for ‘The Renewable City’ Module – Sustainable Urban Design Course at the University of Liechtenstein.

Q4 2012

Susmita delivers a CAAS-inspired lecture at ARTMAP workshop at École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) in Paris.

Q1 2013

Susmita and Siddharth meet with Goan architect Dean D’Cruz and his team to brainstorm ideas around a CAAS workshop in Goa

Q2 2013

Susmita meets with Amsterdam based editor of an architecture and design quarterly to discuss the possibility of publishing CAAS essays as a ‘special insert’ in the magazine.

Q2 2013

Susmita, Barbara and Sue (CAAS co-pilots) meet for a self-organised residency in Italy. They spend a week at a friend’s summer house by Lake Como. They brainstorm, ideate, discuss, debate and write. The residency lays the foundation for the 1st CAAS paper and a CAAS Special Edition book.

Q2/Q3 2013

CAAS co-pilots and curators discuss, identify and finalize 1st list of contributors for a CAAS Special Edition book.

Q3 2013

CAAS logo designed by graphic designer Callum Prockter.

Q4 2013 onwards

CAAS co-pilots and curators reach out to potential authors for the CAAS Special Edition.

Q1 2014

City As A Spaceship - CAAS Facebook page goes live.
(approximately 300 followers, as of 28.7.2019)

Q1/Q2 2014

CAAS co-pilots and curators meet to review status, edit and produce the 1st draft of the CAAS Special Edition.

Q3 2014

At the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Toronto, Canada, CAAS co-pilots Sue, Susmita and Barbara present the 1st CAAS paper in a technical session. They lead the IAC 2014 Toronto – Global Networking Forum (GNF) focusing on “City As A Spaceship I CAAS”. The GNF is open to the public.

Q1 2015

CAAS co-pilots Susmita, Sue and Barbara participate in a two–week Art–Science Residency "The Undivided Mind" @ KHOJ International Artists Association, New Delhi. Delhi-based visual artist Rohini Devasher also participates in the Residency. The Residency culminates in a public exhibition titled “KHOJ as a Spaceship”.

Q2/Q3 2015

Susmita is invited by Rachel Armstrong to write a CAAS inspired essay, “Terraforming our cities”. This essay is published by Springer in a book titled “Star Ark: A Living Self-Sustaining Spaceship” edited by Rachel Armstrong.

Q4 2015

Susmita writes the first draft of a web-script for a future CAAS website.

Q2 2016

The idea of a “CAAS wardrobe” emerges. The CAAS co-pilots call it the Climate Anticipation Personal Environment or CAPE. CAPE integrates space technology to capture ambient environmental data - gaseous, thermal, sound, electro-magnetic radiation - and our exchanges with our immediate environment. Through virtual work sessions, the CAAS co-pilots develop the idea further.

Q3 2016

The CAAS co-pilots explore the theme of water using the CAAS philosophy. They co-write a new article: A CAAS (City As A Spaceship) design approach to water management and recovery systems.

Q2 2017

Sue presents the paper “Rethinking Water: A CAAS Design Approach“ at the conference of Design for Next Environment (EAD) in Rome.

Q3 2017

The paper “Rethinking Water: A CAAS design approach“ is published in the Design Journal, 20:sup1, S1904-S1915, DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2017.1352708

Q3 2017

Through a series of virtual work sessions, the CAAS co-pilots further discuss the idea of a CAAS wardrobe as an enhanced indicator of imminent spaceship parameters, such as climate monitoring and control, as important factors for crewed vehicles and habitats.

Q2 2018

Susmita is invited to participate in the ‘City Xchange Summit’ organized by New York-based 100 Resilient Cities (100 RC). The Summit hosted at the Rockefeller Foundation campus in Bellagio, Italy brings together 24 City Mayors, 10 start-ups and a handful of venture capitalists interested in investing in social impact projects.

Q2 2018

CAAS co-pilots collaborate with Jennifer Cunningham, a London-based designer to explore the topic of CAPE or Climate Anticipation Personal Environment) as a technical paper.

Q3 2018

Sue, Barbara and Jennifer present the paper “Climate Anticipation Personal Environment (CAPE): Constructing the CAAS Wardrobe“ at the 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Bremen, Germany.

Q2 2019

Susmita brings onboard a summer intern Vidhi Shah, a 3rd year information design student from Srishti School of Design, Bangalore. Susmita refines the CAAS web-script she first wrote in 2015. She designs the graphic layout for the CAAS website. The design intern creates the Illustrator version of the CAAS web pages that then serve as the design feed for the web coding team.

Q3 2019

Susmita engages a company in Jaipur to code the CAAS website in html5. A new CAAS website is developed that is platform and browser agnostic

Q3 2019

CAAS website goes live!